Featured in Hello Real Life

This week, my match strikers and ceramic hands were featured on Mindy White's blog Hello Real Life. The post includes items on how to spruce up your home to feature unique, handmade, eccentric pieces that are one of a kind and chic. My ceramics are featured along with Lauren Sumner and Toast Ceramics.

Photo credit: Hello Real Life

Photo credit: Hello Real Life

Here is what Mindy had to say about my pieces:

When it comes to unique, handmade ceramics, Gopi Shah Ceramics truly stands apart from the rest. From bowls to ring holders and clever knick-nacks, we want it all. These brilliant products are inspired by the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Pacific Ocean, and modern textiles and prints. We absolutely adore and can't stop staring at this handmade ceramic match striker and textured hand. The striker is great for those of you (like us) who burn lots of candles, sage, sweetgrass, and palo santo in the home. If you're not into burning these—get on it! As far as the hand, it's an absolutely gorgeous way to keep your rings or tiny trinkets in one place. Besides being beautiful, these items are made to last with high-quality materials and glazes. The shop is currently relocating to San Francisco, so keep an eye out for the reopening and load up on the sweetest items your home has ever seen. 


Gopi Shah

Gopi Shah Ceramics, Austin, TX, 78702, United States

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Gopi Shah began crafting clayworks in high school and continued her studies at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts. In 2014, Gopi launched her ceramics business after moving to Austin, Texas. Since founding her practice, Gopi’s repertoire has expanded to incorporate textures, sgraffito, and hand-painting to create a collection inspired by memories and nature. Gopi proudly crafts ceramic wares in her East Austin studio working clay into new forms and objects every day.